Passion Spar Tech Printing is a propelled 3D printing administration and is situated in Chennai, India. Send us your records and we will make 3D models or even use able items utilizing our 3D printing or added substance fabricating machines. We utilize top notch imported machines and plastic.

Type of technologies:

  • FDM
  • DLP / SLA
  • SLS
  • MJP

How it Works

1.  Decide what scale you wish to make your 3D printed model at. Ideally, this should not exceed 300mm x 150mm x 150mm, or about 1ft x 6″ x 6″.

2.  If it is a very large model, break it up into parts that can be assembled together.  Each part should not exceed 285 x 153 x 154mm, which is about 11″ x 6″ x 6″.  If the entire model does not exceed this size, there is no need to break it up into parts. See our page on how to prepare files for 3D printing for more detail.

3. If you have multiple objects or parts, send us each part as a separate file, and not as multiple parts grouped into one file. This is important.

4.  Send your file in .stl or .obj or .thing formats to

5.  We will send you a quote.  Keep in mind that the approximate costs are Rs. 10 to 20 per gram of the finished model for large models. The actual costs are a function of both material consumed and time taken. The material used is PLA, with a density of about 1.4. Note that the minimum price for single piece (non-bulk) orders is Rs. 2,000. Service Tax is applicable. To estimate the weight of your model in grams, multiply the volume of your model (in cubic centimeters) by 1.4.

6.  Confirm our quote and we will 3D print your model for you!

7.  We can also ship your model within India via FedEx. You will have to bear the shipping costs of course.

8.  Your privacy is very important to us! We take care to keep 100% confidentiality for every file that you send us, and we guarantee that we delete every file as soon as the print is completed. Our objective is to have a long term relationship with you and we understand your concern about the designs that you have put your sweat and blood into!

Materials we use for Printing

We use quality imported PLA plastic for printing. PLA is a next-generation modelling plastic that is biodegradable (it is produced from corn) and has 50% less shrinkage than ABS, reducing warping errors.

This has the following properties:

Layer height/ microns infill Density
Tensile Strength: 50 MPa
Impact Strength: 3.5 KJ/m2 approx
Flextural Strength: 52 MPa


We normally stock the following colours: white, black, red, blue. 

However we can custom order a wider range of colours for a special project.





9:00am – 6:00pm